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It can be challenging to balance the roles of healthcare provider and employer, but it doesn't have to be. Find resources to help hire your dream team and keep your staff productive and happy. Get advice on how to write job descriptions, create applications, place help wanted ads, set meal breaks, establish alternative work schedules, and terminate an employee. In addition, all of this is supported by an Employee Manual that can be customized to your practice.
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Illnesses and disabilities are sometimes unavoidable in the workplace, and with these issues come tough decisions for employers. The Practice Support Center has received numerous calls recently about “reasonable accommodation” as it relates to disability leave for employees in the dental practice.

The attached article is an overview of reasonable accommodations and steps to take when a dentist learns of a disability.
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Paid Holidays
By Robyn Thomason on 07/01/2010
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Before prescribing fluoride, check the state Department of Public Health website for fluoridation levels in your patients' communities. The link to the site can be found on the External Links/Clinical Resources page at cda.org/practicesupport.