Alternative Workweek Resources

Use these resources when adopting an alternative workweek (AWW) in a dental practice to ensure all details are met and properly reported to the Department of Industrial Relations. Includes checklist, templates and samples for use during AWW implementation.

Download the attached files and use them as resources when implementing an Alternative Workweek. The attached files include:

Alternative Workweek Checklist – Checklist to help ensure all details are met and properly reported to the Department of Labor and Statistics. Applies to nonexempt employees only.

Memo to Employees Regarding Approval of Alternative Workweek – Use this template to develop a memo to announce the start date of an approved AWW schedule for your practice.

Sample Letter: Accepted Alternative Workweek – Sample letter to provide to the Department of Industrial Relations within 30 days of the final election for AWW.

Secret Ballot for Alternative Workweek – Template for secret ballot election held to allow employees to vote on proposed alternative workweek schedule.

Note: Although adopting an alternative workweek schedule can reduce overtime costs, it also greatly limits an employer’s scheduling flexibility and therefore is best suited for employers who typically have regular working hours that rarely need to change.​

Attached Files

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