Dedicated agents at TDIC Insurance Solutions provide more efficient service for policyholders

The new year and an expanded sales and service team at TDIC Insurance Solutions promise to deliver an enhanced, “more holistic” customer service experience for TDIC policyholders. In fact, policyholders who’ve called TDIC Insurance Solutions recently may have already noticed the change.

Effective January, policyholders in California, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota and North Dakota now benefit from having one dedicated agent and one dedicated account manager, allowing TDIC Insurance Solutions to more efficiently address the policyholder’s current and changing coverage needs. Policyholders also now have a dedicated workers’ compensation specialist.

“Knowing your agent is as important as the agent knowing your practice,” said Carliza Marcos, DDS, a director on the TDIC/TDIC Insurance Solutions Board of Directors. “This change in service makes that relationship happen, and that’s what this is really about: building and strengthening relationships, which in turn helps ensure dentists and their practices have the right coverage at any time. It’s the more holistic approach.”

TDIC policyholders should watch for an email from TDIC Insurance Solutions later this month introducing them to their new dedicated agents. That email will also provide the agents’ direct contact information.

However, policyholders don’t need to have that email or the agents’ name and contact information in hand to begin enjoying TDIC Insurance Solutions’ more efficient customer service. A new phone-tree menu is already in place, meaning that even if a policyholder calls the general TDIC Insurance Solutions’ phone number (800.733.0633), they’ll be routed to their new agent or, if applicable, their new dedicated account manager or workers’ compensation specialist.

To further support the new one-to-one relationship, policyholders will have more opportunities for face-to-face time with their agent, such as at their local dental society meetings, for example.

The change in account service structure does not affect any TDIC insurance products or product lines.

“TDIC’s exceptional products that protect only dentists stay the same,” said CDA President-Elect Judee Tippett-Whyte, DDS. “Now, we’re just giving policyholders one dedicated person who is accountable to them.”

To experience TDIC’s enhanced customer service, watch for a TDIC email in February with your agent’s direct phone number and email address. Or contact 800.733.0633 to be seamlessly routed to your dedicated agent by entering your practice location ZIP code.

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