California dentists can order face mask kits now through The Dentists Supply Company

California-licensed dentists can now order face mask “kits” that include boxes of N95 respirator masks and level-2 surgical masks from The Dentists Supply Company, a subsidiary of the California Dental Association.

CDA has been working with state officials to secure additional PPE for dentists who are getting back to practice in greater numbers and resuming the provision of deferred and preventive care during the coronavirus pandemic.

All of the masks in the new kits come from the state’s emergency resources. Because the masks are from the state’s supply, CDA is required to make them available to all California-licensed dentists, not just to CDA members.

The latest PPE distribution to California dentists is the second arranged by CDA and TDSC with the first distribution occurring in late May. The May kits also contained equipment that CDA secured from the state’s emergency resources, but those kits contained just one N95 each. Additionally, CDA and TDSC received feedback from members who reported that certain products included in the initial kit were not ideal for the dental setting.

TDSC staff thoroughly vetted the state-supplied products in the current distribution to ensure that they meet the quality specifications for use in the dental practice.

Quantities and ordering details

TDSC assembled 15,000 total kits. Each kit contains:

  • 140 BYD N95 respirator masks (seven boxes)
  • 350 level-2 surgical masks (seven boxes)

Due to the ongoing shortage of N95 masks, and in order to support as many dentists as possible, has placed a one-kit limit per California dentist. 

To order a kit, dentists will need to take the following steps:

  • Create a free account at 
  • Submit an electronic copy/image of their dental license
  • Place order (online only through the ordering page)
  • Allow five to seven days for processing and shipping confirmation with tracking number

Creating a account

To ensure that only California-licensed dentists receive PPE from the state’s emergency resources, dentists must create a free account, which requires first and last name, email address, dental license number along with license type and state where it is issued and a password. Guidelines for creating a valid password are provided. Tip: Users who receive an error message that an account already exists under an email or license number may want to follow the password reset instructions.

View step-by-step instructions for creating an account, resetting a password and placing an order. 

CDA continues to advocate for PPE for dentists 

CDA is pleased to make larger quantities of N95 masks available to dentists through this second distribution and will continue to aggressively source critical PPE for dentists through government and commercial supply channels. 

California-licensed dentists can place their orders online now at

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