CDA Update

CDA members and California’s dental community turn to our association for timely, trusted information about current and developing issues in dentistry. The Update provides resources and guidance on topics affecting dentists, their patients and their profession, including dental benefit plans, regulatory compliance, legislation and advocacy, patient safety and practice management.

The Update is no longer printed and delivered by mail; however, you can explore our archive of issues from the past 12 months of publication. Find the latest dentistry-specific news, resources and guidance online and through our e-newsletters.

'A master class in disease prevention:' Dental students adapt to clinical care with support from CDA

As dental schools adjust to a new school year in the COVID era, new challenges lie ahead for students who face stricter procedures and increased safety protocols in providing oral care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekly survey of dental practices reveals steady recovery efforts during pandemic

Since June, CDA has conducted a weekly poll to gain further insight on the effects of the pandemic on dental teams and their progress over the last four months as they adapt to safely providing care under new protocols. These results highlight the current status of practices since resuming preventive care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dental school in the COVID era: Students fear new protocols will interfere with learning experience

 As institutions test the waters on the most efficient way to conduct classes, the future of students hangs in the balance. Many of them fear that the changes and disruptions could leave them at a disadvantage to other graduates.

‘It does not cost to be a CDA member; it pays to be a CDA member’

Richard Barnes, DDS, reflects on three ways his membership has impacted his career.

March 2020

The March 2020 Update features a discussion with CDA President Richard Nagy, DDS, and CDA Executive Director Peter DuBois about CDA's 150th anniversary and the future of organized dentistry. Other articles explain the screening process for aerosol transmissible disease, including the new coronavirus; how to navigate dental board C.E. audits and requirements with ease; and how to use CDA's new HIPAA training resources.

February 2020

The February Update includes a feature article on the role of RDHAPs in caring for homebound, aging and special-needs patients in the expanded dental practice. Other articles discuss new rules that restrict in-office financing options for patients; common questions dentists have about enrolling in federally administered Medicare Advantage plans; and new and updated required employment notices for the dental office.

January 2020

The January 2020 issue announces CDA's 150th-anniversary milestone and offers a glimpse of what's ahead for the association and its members. This issue also includes a message from Paul Reggiardo, DDS, about the CalHealthCares 2020 application cycle, which opens to dentists in January, and explains what's involved in an HR audit and how performing one can help practices get off to a compliant start in the new year.

December 2019

The December 2019 Update explains new laws related to arbitration agreements, lactation accommodation, and employee training that employers will need to comply with in the new year. This issue also provides answers to common questions members have about coordination of benefits when patients have more than one dental plan for coverage and spotlights the recipient of the Foundation's 2019 Student Loan Repayment Grant.

November 2019

The November 2019 Update covers two bills signed into law by Gov. Newsom that provide protections for direct-to-consumer orthodontic patients and increase transparency in network "leasing" by dental benefit plans. This issue also explains how the new law mandating use of the "ABC test" to classify workers affects practice owners and offers tips to increase scores when applying for a CalHealthCares loan repayment or practice support grant.

October 2019

The October 2019 Update informs employers of a deadline extension to provide the new state-mandated sexual harassment prevention training; explains the $300K CalHealthCares practice support grant available to dentists who relocate to a high-needs area and commit to serving Medi-Cal Dental beneficiaries; and outlines precautions to take when making pay deductions for salaried employees.

September 2019

The September 2019 Update spotlights the “life-changing” student loan repayment grants awarded to 38 dentists for their commitment to serving Medi-Cal Dental patients; covers new legislation requiring dentists who provide orthodontia to patients to disclose their license number and review radiographs prior to moving teeth; and explains the requirements around dentists' use of Botox.

August 2019

The August 2019 Update explains the importance of reviewing the explanation of benefits for information ranging from policy limitations and exclusions to the plan’s appeal and dispute guidelines. The issue also includes tips for addressing smartphone use, side gigs and other sensitive employment topics with policies and explains how to resolve treatment disputes through CDA Peer Review.